XBRL Preparation Software (SBR)

DataTracks provides XBRL preparation software as per SBR mandate. Our application is a complete SBR filing solution that guarantees direct filing with Chamber of Commerce (KvK) in Netherlands. We offer the following XBRL preparation software to Companies/Tax Advisors/Consultants/Auditors/Accountants:

Your inputs DataTracks Software
Annual Accounts to be filled in the template in our software. Prepare XBRL documents to file with Chamber of Commerce (KvK) as per SBR mandate

What is SBR?

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is the national standard for the digital exchange of business reports. SBR enables easy exchange of business information to local authorities and banks for the reporting and administration work by the Dutch businesses and their intermediaries. Data captured once are reported to multiple Agencies reducing repetition of work and time.

Data are exchanged by the filing entities or intermediaries through secure portal called Digipoort and BIV.

The main benefits of SBR are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Standardization
  • Increased transparency
  • Increased security
  • Higher quality of data exchange

Who can use DataTracks SBR Software?

  • Companies (micro, small and medium) who have obligations to file with Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under SBR mandate can use our software to prepare XBRL documents.
  • Intermediaries like Accountants and Tax Consultants who prepare XBRL documents for filing with KvK for their clients can use our software designed for intermediaries.

SBR Software Features

  • Template to be filled in excel which is familiar for most of the users
  • Built-in formulas that results in accuracy and reduced effort
  • Business rule validation executed in the excel template on real-time
  • Capability to directly submit the XBRL to the regulator and get the relevant feedback
  • Cloud platform, hence not confined to one terminal or workstation
  • In-built chat facility to communicate with our support team during NL working hours on real-time basis

XBRL / SBR preparation Software
For filing with
Chamber of Commerce

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