After introducing SBR in Netherlands, regulators have mandated filing financial statements and tax returns in SBR framework. Please find below the year of mandate for filing with KvK.

Class of Companies Fiscal year Mandatory filing year
Micro and Small 2016 ending 2017
Medium 2017 ending 2018
Large 2019 ending 2020

Netherlands has implemented Standard Business Reporting (SBR) framework which uses XBRL as an underlying standard for submission of various reports to the regulators mentioned below:

  • Chamber of Commerce (CoC)
  • Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)
  • Tax Authorities
  • Credit report to banks

XBRL is the format for delivering financial reports in an interactive digital format.

  • XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. XBRL has emerged as the most widely accepted form of disseminating financial information thanks to sponsorship by a consortium of security regulators, stock exchanges, financial publishing houses, accounting organizations and corporations.
  • XBRL is an XML-based schema that focuses specifically on the requirements of business reporting. XBRL builds upon XML, allowing accountants and regulatory bodies to identify items that are unique to the business reporting environment. The XBRL schema defines how to create XBRL documents and XBRL taxonomies, providing users with a set of business information tags that allows them to identify business information in a consistent way. XBRL is also extensible in that users are able to create their own XBRL taxonomies that define and describe tags unique to a given environment

A taxonomy is a classification of description or labels, arranged into hierarchical groups according to the relationship of each to the other.

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XBRL / SBR preparation Software
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Chamber of Commerce

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