Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

Who is Netherlands Chamber of Commerce?

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK) is an independently operated public-service provider that focuses on essential aspects of registering, informing and advising businesses. The Chamber of Commerce holds and manages the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister) and provides information about any business in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, it is compulsory for every legal entity and companies to register with the Business Register.

Through their expertise, data and networks, KvK provides support and information for the start-ups or established businesses. Major duties of Chamber of Commerce include:

  • Providing advice, and information to businesses, e.g. start-up, overseas business, innovations, etc;
  • Managing the Dutch Business Register.
  • Developing and managing online and offline business plazas.
  • Promoting regional economic development.

Businesses may have to file Annual Accounts using a SBR software in XBRL format set by KvK in 2017. DataTracks provides XBRL preparation software as per SBR mandate and it helps you generate reports, staying compliant with every updation by the regulator.

After introducing SBR in Netherlands, regulators have mandated filing financial statements and tax returns in SBR framework. Please find below for the year of mandate for various regulators.

Class of Companies Fiscal year Mandatory filing year
Micro and Small 2016 ending 2017
Medium 2017 ending 2018
Large 2019 ending 2020

XBRL / SBR preparation Software
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Chamber of Commerce

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce