About Us

DTracks Limited is incorporated in England and has branches across the USA, India, France and Singapore. We are recognised by HMRC(UK), MCA (India) and CIPC (South Africa).

Our delivery center was built with the following in mind:

Security - A prime Feature of our Delivery Center

Business Contingency Planning

Business Contingency Planning

Professional Environment

Our service delivery centers are divided into three zones:

Access to everyone

Access to everyone (Green area)

Service Delivery Zone - Access to Support Services (Orange Area)

Access to Support Services
(Orange area)

Service Delivery Zone - Access to Service Delivery Executives (Red area)

Access to Service Delivery Executives (Red area)

The service delivery zone is a restricted area with all entries/exits controlled, monitored and recorded. All workstations are located within the service delivery zone and contains high quality computing and telecommunication assets. No recording medium or device (paper, pen, USB flash drives, mobile phones with cameras or CD/DVDs) is permitted inside the service delivery zone. No paperwork can be taken out of the service delivery zone. Everything is either stored in the zone or shredded in the zone depending on our archiving policy.

Our service delivery center network is ring fenced by firewalls that control access, protect our databases, detect intrusion and provide logical security. Our service delivery centers have IP/VPN bandwidth to the US East Coast, the UK and Europe via two different paths from two different bandwidth vendors; our service delivery centers are also inter-connected via dedicated high-speed private leased lines. Our file servers and email servers are hosted by a hosting service in the United States. All software in our delivery centers is licensed.

Our service delivery centers have full power back up from two independent sources to minimize disruption in service due to power outage.

For more details write to us at enquiry@datatracks.nl

XBRL Experts - Our People

Our Employees

We pride ourselves on our people and our environment. We know that high quality service can only be provided by high quality people working in a high quality environment.

DataTracks nurtures an environment that attracts and retains high quality people:

  • Working Environment: We provide a high quality work environment with climate controlled offices, working hours restricted to five days a week, eight hours a day and one calendar month's leave per year
  • Code of Conduct: We have a published code of conduct that emphasizes ethics and fairness and we are an equal opportunity employer, proud of the diversity in our team.
  • Compensation: Our compensation practices are attractive within our economy and are linked to team/client objectives. Employment contract: Every employee has a formal written employment contract that includes stipulations relating to confidentiality, conflict of interest, IP rights etc
  • Job Descriptions: Every manager has a written job description
  • Performance Reviews: Every employee is subject to a bi-annual performance review.
  • Culture: Our culture emphasizes pride in what we do and in our workplace. We believe people give their best when they are treated fairly, are given challenges, work towards a common goal and enjoy what they do.
  • Qualifications: Our employees are qualified professionals. All our employees have at least an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and have very good verbal and written English skills. Our employees are always fully trained in our corporate culture, quality practices and security practices before managing any service delivery processes.
  • Experience: Our management team includes people who have lived and worked in the US and have held senior management positions, at a global level, in large-scale businesses.

Our Accountants

Our accountants, involved in managing accounting processes and XBRL processes for our clients, have:

  • Qualifications: They have at least an undergraduate degree in accounting from an accredited university and are supervised by professional accountants who are members of accredited bodies of professional accountants
  • Experience: Our accountants have working knowledge of
    • IFRS, US GAAP or UK GAAP and FRS 102
    • Business controls and reporting controls that apply to accounting processes
    • Spreadsheets and Word processors (as advanced users) and
    • Several off-the-shelf accounting systems
  • Expertise: We have XBRL experts who have experience in working with various regulatory environments (SEC in USA, HMRC in UK, MCA in India, ACRA in Singapore and Revenue in Ireland); various accounting taxonomies and various commercially available XBRL applications.

T R Santhanakrishnan


TRS is the Founder/Chairman of:
(a) Kalpataru Ventures Private Limited (www.ktaru.com) of Mauritius, an early stage investor in sunrise industries in US and India.
(b) DataTracks Global Private Limited (www.datatracks.com ) of Singapore, worldwide leader in providing cloud based platform for automated preparation of compliance reports with operations in US, EU, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, South Africa, Netherlands and India regulatory regimes.
(c) TaurusQuest Global Services Private Limited (www.taurusquest.com) of India, managers of business processes in accounting/legal areas.
TRS is a member of The Chennai Angels and Harvard Alumni Angels Association.
Earlier, TRS was a member of the Board and CFO of Sutherland Global Services Inc in Rochester, NY. Prior to that TRS was CFO of Sify Limited in Chennai. TRS was part of the management team that took Sify public in the US; raised funds in a successful public offering and several follow on offerings. Earlier, TRS held various positions in Shell International Petroleum Corporation in Finance and Technology areas.
TRS is a Chartered Accountant, a Cost & Management Accountant (with JN Bose Gold medal for best performance in India). TRS has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from University of Madras (First rank in University). TRS attended and completed Harvard Business School's Owners/Presidents Management Program.
TRS lives in Singapore.

Will Mathieson

Member, Board of Directors

Will is a member of the Board of Directors of DataTracks. Will was previously a senior manager with global responsibilities in the finance function of Royal/Dutch Shell. During his 23 years with Shell, Will worked in Shell's upstream exploration and production and downstream oil and chemicals businesses and had assignments in Aberdeen, London, Melbourne, Muscat and The Hague. Will is a Chartered Accountant (since 1985) and holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Stirling in Scotland.

Mohan Kuruvilla

Member, Board of Directors

Mohan is a member of the Board of Directors. Mohan is a Clinical Professor of Accountancy at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston. He is also the President of the Houston CPA Society (with 8,000 members) for 2018-19. He also serves as a Director of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (“TSCPA”). Prior to this, Mohan was the Dean of the School of Business and Professor at Houston Baptist University for 6 years and a director in KPMG in India for 3 years.
In his current role, Mohan is responsible for the specialized tracks for accounting majors at both undergraduate and graduate level. He also teaches the accounting courses in the Executive MBA program at UH Bauer College. Prior to that, he was a Director with KPMG for 3 years. Mohan is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Accountant. He holds an MBA in Finance and a Ph D in Accounting from the University of Houston. He has several publications and interviews to his credit on various business issues

V L Narasimhan

Member, Board of Directors

Narasimhan is a member of the Board of Directors. Narasimhan is Founder/ CEO of Trust Arm, which specializes in Property Services including Legal Documentation. Previously, he was holding key positions with HDFC for over 27 years. Narasimhan holds Bachelor's degrees in Commerce and Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Madras.

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